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Your benefits

We are your partner for uncomplicated and profitable spare parts sales – with the largest range of products in the Agro business.


Sell your slow-moving stock simply and quickly – for more space and maximum profit.


As agricultural experts, we offer you all our expertise and we take care of the complete sales process (payment, shipment and customer support).


Our customers are all over the world:
Technology experts, major customers & medium-sized businesses. We provide you a global reach!



Your data enjoys the highest protection with us – you remain anonymous during the entire sales process.

How It Works

A perfect user experience for you is our top priority, which is why the sales process is particularly simple and intuitive:

1. Upload

The only thing we need from you: an Excel list of the spare parts you want to sell. Alternatively, we also use interfaces to your ERP software.

2. Processing

Your stock is uploaded into our Product Information Management System, where all parts are correctly identified – zero effort for you.

3. Sales

We take over the entire sales process – you remain anonymous at all times. With our shop you can reach customers worldwide.

4. Delivery

You take care of the packaging, we take care of pick-up and delivery – this keeps the effort for you particularly low.

5. Payment

You will receive an update on your sales at regular intervals – after which you can invoice and receive your money immediately.

Turn your stock into cash today!

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Satisfaction guaranteed

Whether dealer or customer satisfaction – our users are our focus. See for yourself.

“For me, it is the ideal solution because BartsParts takes care of everything: sales, shipping and payment. It’s perfect because it costs me nothing and I earn money with stock that I couldn’t otherwise sell”

Richard Paus

Paus Agroservice

“I use Bartsparts to sell obsolete parts. I need the space – my dead stock needs to move. I want to get rid of it, and with Bart’s Parts, I even generate additional sales.”

Maarten van Alphen

Wout Hogervorst

“The key is that we both have the same goal: To sell as many spare parts as possible. The more BartsParts sells and earns, the more we earn. With BartsParts you have international reach. Otherwise we only serve a certain region; with BartsParts you go beyond your current market and reach international customers”.

Robert van der Leeden



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